The Word Study Scripture Writing Journal for Ladies (ESV): Volume 2

The Word Study Scripture Writing Journal for Ladies by Ruth Adams is a great tool to help you gain a deeper understanding of the Bible as you learn the original language meanings of selected words and write Scripture. This second volume focuses on the Fruit of the Spirit.


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Today’s Christian ladies are up against some monumental challenges with the culture battles raging in our country. In order to swim upstream and not succumb to societal pressures we need to be tethered to the Word of God which is alive and active and a lamp for our feet. So many times ladies long to get into the Word and dig into original Hebrew and Greek word meanings but find it difficult with all the demands of life and the fast-paced society that we are living in. The Word Study
Scripture Writing Journal is designed to be a daily oasis of spiritual refreshment that will renew your mind in the eternal truths of the perfect and flawless Word of God.

This journal will provide you with:

  • A weekly focus on one of the fruits of the Spirit
  • A weekly inspiring quote from a great Christian
  • A weekly short devotional written by the author
  • A weekly hymn that you can read or sing in your meditation time
  • A daily verse for you to write in your journal
  • A daily Hebrew or Greek definition of one pertinent word in the verse
  • A place to journal personal application and prayers

Available in the King James Version.

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