The Word Study Scripture Writing Journal for Young Ladies (ESV)


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Young ladies today are up against some big challenges with the culture battles raging in our country. Peer pressure can be strong, and the enticements and distractions of the culture can distract young ladies from wholeheartedly pursuing Christ above all else.  The Word Study Scripture Writing Journal is designed to encourage today’s young lady to take a daily quiet time with the Lord and to carry a meditation and application point with her throughout her day.

This journal will provide you with:

  • A weekly focus such as hope, comfort, and many other topics
  • A weekly inspiring quote from an hero of the faith
  • A weekly hymn that you can read or sing in your meditation time
  • A daily verse for you to write in your journal
  • A daily Hebrew or Greek definition of one pertinent word in the verse
  • A place to journal personal application and prayers

The Word Study Scripture Writing Journal for Young Ladies by Ruth Adams is a great tool to help young women gain a deeper understanding of the Bible as you learn the original language meanings of selected words and write Scripture. This second volume focuses on the Fruit of the Spirit. Also available in ESV, NASB, & NIV. The Scripture Writing Journals for Ladies and Young Ladies make great companion Bible Studies for Mothers and daughters to do together.

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