Fathers & Daughters: Raising Polished Cornerstones

A great book on father/daughter relationships written by a father and daughter. Topics include: The Family Vision, Fathers and Daughters in Scripture, The Call of Fathers and Daughters, Biblical Principles of Child Training, God’s Call and Purpose for Youth, Training with a Purpose in Biblical Womanhood, and more.

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As we look across the landscape of Christian families and Christian homes, there is one relationship which has been universally forgotten and forsaken — that of fathers and their daughters. God designed it to be one of the most beautiful and powerful relationships that we can experience. As we seek to see the Godly family restored, we must not ignore the special bond that God creates between every girl and her daddy. David Barrett, and his twenty-one year-old daughter Elysse want to see Christian families be all that God designed for them to be… and it starts with the restoration of a father’s heart toward his daughter and a daughter towards her father! (Malachi 4:6)

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