Unto a Good Land: A History of the American People

Unto a Good Land offers a distinctive narrative history of the American people–from the first contacts between Europeans and North America’s native inhabitants, through the creation of a modern nation, to the 2004 presidential election. Written by a team of highly regarded historians, this textbook shows how grasping the uniqueness of the “American experiment” depends on understanding not only social, cultural, political, and economic factors but also the role that religion has played in shaping U.S. history.

While most United States history textbooks in recent decades have expanded their coverage of social and cultural history, they still tend to shortchange the role of religious ideas, practices, and movements in the American past, Unto a Good Land restores the balance by giving religion its appropriate place in the story. (Hardcover, 1250 pages)

This readable and teachable text also features a full complement of maps, historical illustrations, and “In Their Own Words” sidebars with excerpts from primary source documents.

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