Godonomics – Chad Hovind

     Godonomics is a fun, engaging, and fact-filled journey into God’s wisdom on work and money.

     Throughout Godonomics, Chad Hovind explores God’s principles, His teachings, and His directions for living a life of Liberty, Prosperity, and Generosity. Chad presents a Biblical case for free-market enterprise, and offers God’s perspective for the economic decisions of an individual, a family, and even a nation.

     Godonomics explains that God wants you to live a life of freedom to serve him, to provide for ourselves, and to bless others.

Hardcover, 230 pages.


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Godonomics by Chad Hovind uncovers the core teachings from God’s Word that offer the only workable solution to our nation’s economic back-slide. The principles set forth in Scripture uphold the superiority of free-market capitalism, which produced history’s highest standard of living and established the United States as an unrivaled superpower. But forces are at work today, even in the church, that seek to enslave our nation in a socialistic system. Now you can speak out—using God’s Word—against false teachings that endanger your livelihood and the future of America.

Hardcover, 230 pages.

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