Christian Economics Bundle ($54.00 value — Only $29.95!)

Most Christians do not have a Biblical worldview when it comes to Macro-Economics. These books help us to think Biblically about money and finance.

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Christian Economics Bundle

  1. Bankruptcy of Our Nation: Your Financial Survival Guide – Revised and Expanded ($16.00)

    by Jerry Robinson
    It’s no secret that the U.S. national debt is in the tens of trillions. But did you know that America also has future unfunded obligations of over $118 trillion? Unfortunately, America’s politicians have no plan to solve our mounting fiscal and monetary crisis. But you don’t have to watch this unfold in fear of your financial future. The time for debate is over… It’s time to prepare! In this revised and expanded release of Bankruptcy of Our Nation, Jerry Robinson offers you the ultimate financial survival guide. (272 pages)

  2. Godonomics: How to Save Our Country–and Protect Your Wallet–Through Biblical Principles of Finance ($22.00 – Hardcover)

    by Chad Hovind
    Those who fail to learn from history may not get a chance to repeat it. Some economists have said the years of robust economic growth and expanding opportunity are gone for good. But are they reading the right text? Godonomics explores the core biblical teachings that provide the only practical, dependable solution to economic uncertainty. And now this innovative approach is enhanced by a new guide to help parents mentor their children from grade school to young adulthood. Every season of parenting gives you a new opportunity to equip your children with the vision and tools they need to lay the foundation for financial success.  By following Scripture’s guidelines we can ensure the financial well-being of our families—no matter what might happen on the national or global stage. Let Godonomics show you why a strong work ethic, saving over borrowing, generous giving, and the reduction of entitlements combine to form the only path to economic stability and financial health. (256 pages)

  3. For the Love of Money God ($16.00)

    by Mike Richardson
    Some would call this a practical book about finances in the Christian family. Others would call it a missionary biography. Actually, For the Love of Money God shows the reader how big God blesses men who have a little faith. It gives the readers practical, day-to-day, examples of dependence upon God. It shows how God works through ordinary people and everyday circumstances to meet needs and bring glory to Himself. In this book, Mike skillfully intertwines Biblical truth through stories taken from his diverse experiences of God’s provison. These will not only make you laugh and cry, as well as rejoice, but will cause you to see the same great God actively working in your own life as well. (234 pages)

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