Family Renewal Mega Mp3 Audio Library

Nearly 75 hours of audio / video content from Family Renewal (Israel & Brook Wayne) on one 8GB USB drive! Also includes over 40 Power Point Presentations, TV interviews and more!

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Family Renewal / Brook & Israel Wayne Mp3 Audio Content (nearly 75 hours of content!):

Videos (Over 15 Hours of Teaching!)

1. The Biblical Basis for Parental Rights
2. Critical Theory – Social Justice – Intersectionality
3. Do You Want to Get Well? – Counseling
4. Do You Have a Right to Be Angry? – Sovereignty
5. Helping the Hyperactive Child
6. Homeschooling – Preference or Conviction?
7. How Can I Know What is True?
8. Is Anything Too Hard for God – Faith
9. Pitchin’ A Fit – Interview (Part 1)
10. Pitchin’ A Fit – Interview (Part 2)
11. Pitchin’ A Fit – Interview (Part 3)
12. Questions God Asks – Interview
13. Questions Jesus Asks – Interview
14. What About Socialization?
15. What are You Doing Here? – Purpose
16. What is Postmodernism (and Why Does it Matter?)
17. Where is Your Brother? – Relationships
18. Where Were You – Origins
19. Who are These Men With You? – Syncretism
20. Why are You Afraid? – Fear
21. Why are You Angry? – Anger
22. Why Worldview Matters
23. Biblical Economics

(Plus lots of extras!)

Questions God / Jesus Asks Sermons (Over 15.5 Hours of Audio!)

1. What is in Your Hand? – Service
2. What Were You Arguing About? – Servanthood
3. Where are You? – Omniscience
4. Who are My Mother & Brothers? – Family
5. Who are these Men with You? – Syncretism
6. Why Do You Honor Your Sons More than Me? – Parenting
7. Why are You on Your Face? – Repentance
8. Why are You Still Sleeping? – Prayer
9. Why Do You Call Me Lord? – Lordship
10. Why are You Persecuting Me? – Persecution
11. Where Were You? – Origins
12. Is Anything Too Difficult for the Lord? – Faith
13. What is Your Name? – Honesty
14. Who Will Go for Us? – Missions
15. What are You Doing Here? – Purpose
16. Who Made Your Mouth – Evangelism
17. Where is Your Brother – Relationships
18. Has No One Condemned You? – Forgiveness
19. Do You Love Me? – Love

Apologetics / Worldview (About 8.5 hours)

1. Christians & Pop Culture
2. Transform Learning Through Art of Questions
3. How Can I Know What is True?
4. How Can I Know God Exists?
5. How Can I Know the Bible is True?
6. How Can I Defend My Faith?
7. Postmodernism & the Church
8. Creation Science Apologetics
9. Developing Public Speaking Skills

Brook Wayne Messages (About 4.5 hours):

1. Handfuls of Treasure – Embracing Busy Family Life
2. I Don’t Have Enough Patience
3. Teaching Several Grades at Once
4. Homeschooling Without Losing Your Mind
5. Encouragement for Young Mothers

Christian Living (Over 7.5 hours):

1. The Call of Discipleship
2. Growing Strong Through Spiritual Disciplines
3. Walking in the Spirit
4. Finding God’s Plan for My Life – Teens
5. Recapture the Wonder
6. Constant Change
7. Lessons for Living in Babylon

Homeschool Essentials (About 10.5 hours):

1. What About Socialization?
2. History of the Homeschooling Movement
3. Is Homeschooling Just for Women?
4. Inside the Brain of a Hyperactive Homeschooler (ADD / ADHD)
5. Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview
6. Being Salt & Light Families
7. Education: Does God Have an Opinion?
8. The Biblical Foundation for Parental Rights
9. Education vs. Schooling (They are NOT the Same!)
10. How NOT to Educate Like a Heathen

Marriage Seminar (Over 4.5 hours):

Marriage and Conflict
Marriage and Communication
Marriage and Parenting
Marriage and Intimacy
Safeguarding Your Marriage

Parenting Essentials (Almost 9 hours):

1. Pitchin’ A Fit!: Overcoming Angry & Stressed-Out Parenting
2. The Power of Affirmation
3. Preparing Children for Marriage in the Lord
4. The Hand that Rocks the Cradle (Rules the World) – Feminism vs. Biblical Womanhood
5. The Dating Culture – Teens
6. Common Mistakes Parents Make
7. Revival in the Home
8. Young Men Preparing for Life – Teens
9. Considerations Before You Start a Family-Based Business

A $300.00 value!


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