i: The Root of Sin EXPOSED (Irresistible to God)

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Since the Garden of Eden sin has ravaged people’s lives, leaving behind a plethora of troubling problems such as anxieties, fears, insecurities, confusion, unbelief, bitterness, sexual hang-ups, and even addictions. Most people look for answers in all the wrong places. They ought to look within. They ought to look at ii is the “self-life.” i is the core of the fallen human nature. i is the realm where sin grows and flourishes. i: the root of sin exposed unravels the mystery of the corrupted human nature, and convincingly proves that all of man’s struggles with sin can be traced to the pride-driven “self-life” that emerges from it. Rather than relying on trendy quick-fixes, this book digs deeply into the treasures of Scripture to provide struggling believers everything they need to deal with their problems at the root level: the inescapable, ever-present i.

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