What is Family Renewal?

I recently asked some questions on Facebook, to see how well people who follow my page really know about who I am and what I do. I thought this might help you to come to learn more about our work. Here are the composite results, with comments below:

What ministry is Israel Wayne associated with?

The correct answer is: Family Renewal, LLC. I used to work at Wisdom’s Gate, from 1993 to 2013, which is where some of that confusion came in. My books are currently published by  New Leaf Press / Master Books, but Family Renewal is our only organization. Family Renewal was founded with my wife, Brook, and my sister, Sony, in July of 2013.

What does Israel Wayne do for a living?

The correct answer is: Author / Conference Speaker / Podcaster / Columnist. I have worked in publishing for many years, but am not currently publishing any books (although I may do so again in the future). I am not a pastor, nor have I ever been. I am (have been) a regular columnist for various websites and homeschooling magazines. I am not a therapist, and do not regularly host a broadcast TV or radio show, although I am a frequent guest on such shows. Family Renewal, LLC is a for-profit ministry (yes, that is possible!). The reason we are not a 501-c-3 (not-for-profit corporation) is primary because I personally do not want to beg you for money, and I don’t want to be censored in terms of what I can say in my seminars. (Nor to be unfairly audited by the powers-that-be because we’re a conservative Christian organization). Family Renewal seminars are often free for attendees, and we don’t charge churches a fee when we speak. We really do want to minister to others. You can see some of my books here: https://familyrenewal.org/store/products/israel-wayne-books/.

How long has Israel Wayne been doing conference speaking?

The correct answer is: Since 1995. I was curious as to how long my Facebook friends thought I’d been doing conference speaking. I have spoken at various conferences around the country every year since 1995. I was born in 1975, so the people who thought I’d been doing this since 1985…I appreciate the vote of confidence…but I either look WAY older than I should (okay, you’ve probably got me on that one!), or I’ve been doing this since I was ten-years-old. I started early, but not quite THAT early! 😉

Is Family Renewal a counseling organization?

I am not a licensed marriage or family therapist / counselor (nor do I play one on TV!), but we do often spend a lot of time (at no charge) listening to, and praying with, people in crisis. We have never published homeschooling curriculum, and I probably will never do much (or any) of that myself. It’s not my thing. I’m more focused on Biblical worldview and family topics at present.

What is the best way to stay connected with Family Renewal?

Social media is great (we are on most platforms), but for more reliable communication, please signup for our email newsletter that we send out once a month. When you do so, we’ll let you know whenever we will be speaking in your area. www.FamilyRenewal.org/subscribe

For what topics is Israel Wayne known?

The correct answer is: Probably all of the Above at Times. For better or worse, I’m probably best known as “the homeschool guy.” I was pretty much born into this scene, and I’m sure it will be my legacy until I die. I do have more diverse interests than merely homeschooling (although I am passionate about the importance of Christian education for Christian students). To be honest, I think you guys nailed this one! I think you really got these categories very accurate in terms of the amount of time that I spend teaching on them. Thank you for putting “Biblical Worldview” as #2. That warms my heart. Very well done! You deserve some ice cream!

For what kinds of events does Israel Wayne speak?

The correct answer is: Nearly all of the Above. I’ve never done Bar Mitzvahs or Faith Healing Crusades, but I’ve spoken at family camps, church revivals, homeschooling conferences, seminars on parenting, marriage, apologetics, theology and much more.

What is Israel Wayne’s denominational or theological background?

I am a non-denominational, Evangelical Christian. I read very widely, and have a great appreciation for how God has used people of various theological differences and backgrounds for His glory. I speak in a wide-array of Christian churches, and am always impressed with the strengths and weaknesses that various groups have. We all have blind spots, and I wish that true Christians of all stripes would find ways to communicate more, rather than shutting out those who differ with them on points of minor significance. We can’t compromise on the divinity of Christ, the authority of Scripture, justification by grace through faith alone, or other essentials of the faith, but on matters of denominational distinction, I just feel that if God has accepted someone, why would I want to reject them? We may not agree enough to form a local church together, but we should be able to love each other, and encourage each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. If you want to learn more about my specific beliefs, you can do so on this page: https://israelwayne.com/statement-of-faith/. Thanks for helping me to get to know you better, and I hope this has been helpful for you, in getting to know me better.

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