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3 Keys to Family Renewal

Biblical Marriages

When couples and parents align their marriage and parenting with the Bible, the transformation begins! 

Biblical Parenting

Every Christian needs to view the world through Scripture to understand the times and know how to live.

Christian Education

When faith and education are integrated, children learn to walk in relationship with God as they learn and grow.



God established the family as the central building block for society. Aligning our marriages and parenting with the Bible is crucial to building healthy, secure families that are faithful to God and each other.



As Christians, the Bible is our source for matters of faith and life. When we see the world through the lens of Scripture, we gain divine insights into what is happening and how we are to live.

Every Christian must have a biblical worldview to live a full and pleasing life for Jesus.



Christian parents have the God-given responsibility to raise their children to know God and walk with Him in every area of life. This happens when a child’s education is aligned with the Bible.

We are committed to helping Christian parents raise Christian children for God’s glory in the next generation.

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