The Radical Jesus

“If you find yourself drifting into the soul-numbing lethargy of our day, this book is for you. It is meant to wake you up and keep you awake. Read this book on your knees. Pay strict attention to its warnings…you may find a new passion rising up within you.” – Steve Gallagher



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“The Radical Jesus is a fresh wind to sweep away the fog, to lead us to repent and return to the real Jesus.”-Pastor Burt Lowry, Ellsworth, ME “The Radical Jesus will draw your gaze to look upon the wonder of who Jesus really is. In its pages your heart will be stirred to awaken out of its slumber and to come back into a passionate walk with God. This is a must read for this hour!”-Pastor Jeff Colon, Dry Ridge, KY The Radical Jesus is a brief examination of Christ’s life, teaching, death and resurrection. Everything about Jesus is absolutely radical; the One the Scriptures reveal as anything but tame. Without a clear understanding of who Jesus is, we can never hope to be the disciples we were meant to be in this fallen world. The twofold purpose of this book is to exalt the radical Jesus by presenting a fresh glimpse of who He is and to reveal the high calling that true believers are to live.

Paperback : 114 Pages

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