Memorization Toolbox: 150+ Insider Tips for Scripture Memorization

You don’t need to be a spiritual giant to memorize Scripture. You just need the right tools.

If you have hit a wall in your Scripture memorization, get ready to break through it! In this easy-to-read guide you’ll discover:

  • How to set yourself up for success BEFORE you start memorizing
  • Why rote doesn’t work for everyone, and what you can do instead
  • 7 compelling reasons to memorize Scripture that will keep you motivated
  • Freedom from the misconception that you need vast amounts of willpower to memorize
  • Specific techniques for how to incorporate memorization into a busy schedule so you can create a lasting habit

With the experience that comes from memorizing 18 books of the Bible, Abigail Martin reveals powerful tools of memorization that will transform your approach to memorizing Scripture. You too can gain the power of KNOWING God’s Word.

After reading this book you’ll have every tool you need to engraft God’s Word in your heart and be prepared for all of life’s battles.


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“Packed full of practical tips…” – Dr. Joel R. Beeke (President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary)

“An immensely helpful, practical guide for keeping the Word of God ever before you…” – Kevin Swanson (Pastor, Director of Generations)

“If you want to memorize God’s Word, this is the book that will help you succeed.” – Israel Wayne (Founder of Family Renewal)

“We cannot recommend it highly enough!” – David & Jason Benham (Best-selling Authors, Entrepreneurs)

Paperback, 122 pages

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