International / Global Homeschooling – Gerald & Bev Huebner

In this podcast episode, Israel Wayne interviews Gerald and Bev Huebner. They are veteran homeschooling parents and international advocates for home education. They share their experiences from traveling around the world helping to encourage and equip new home educators in many countries. Learn more about what homeschooling looks like globally through this interview. Gerald and Bev Huebner are veteran home educating parents from Arborg, Manitoba. They, like many, started home educating their 2 children with the oldest in grade one, deciding to try it for a year. They went on to home educate their two, now adult children, through to graduation and now are enjoying four homeschooled grandchildren. Gerald and Bev have spent over 30 years in leadership of home education organizations, including serving on the MACHS (Manitoba Association of Christian Home Schools) board since 1989, having served as chair, conference coordinators, newsletter editors and other roles including currently as the board secretary. Gerald and Bev have also been involved in national home education advocacy and ministry across Canada for many years. They have had the privilege of sharing their homeschool journey in 10 different provinces. Nationally Gerald serves as the board chair of HSLDA Canada and the Canadian Centre for Home Education. Since 2010 Gerald and Bev have also been very involved in international Home education development, having spoken on Home education and shared their homeschool journey and experience with parents, government officials and others in over 12 different countries around the world. Gerald has served as the chair of the Global Home Education Council since 2012. The Huebner’s have traveled to speak on home education in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia and many other places around the world. Learn more about the Global Home Education eXchange (GHEX) here:
Learn more about the Huebner’s work through MACHS here:
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