Living a Balanced Financial Life

Why do some people go through life with essentially few money worries, while others have endless financial struggles? How do God’s commands protect us from indebtedness and lead us to a life of success? Is God’s Word relevant to how I use my resources and spend my money? How can being faithful to God help me become a better money manager?


In LIVING A BALANCED FINANCIAL LIFE, author Deborah Nayrocker provides answers to these questions and many others.

Each lesson of this twelve-week interactive Following God study looks at financial stewardship from a biblical perspective, as the reader studies the parables of Jesus, stories of the Old and New testament, and Scriptures passages relating to each topic.


Throughout the study, readers will gain an understanding of biblical principles on handling money and possessions, including borrowing and saving and working on a debt repayment plan. The final lesson focus on recognizing the awesome riches that are already ours as believers in Christ.

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Discover what God’s Word has to say about your personal finances. In Living a Balanced Financial Life, author Deborah Nayrocker takes a look at what the Bible has to say about this area of out lives. Each lesson of this twelve-week interactive study looks at financial stewardship from a biblical perspective. Readers study Jesus’ parables and stories from both Old and New Testaments relating to the topic of the week.

As readers gain an understanding of how to handle money and possesions God’s way, they come to realize the awesome riches that are already theirs in Christ Jesus. Some of the topics addressed are borrowing and credit, saving and planning, stewardship, faithfulness, helpful virtues for keeping debt at bay, and being content with God’s provision.

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