Is College Worth It?

Challenging the idea that “everyone should go to college,” Is College Worth It? examines the skyrocketing ratio of college debt to job security/income post-graduation. Putting forth the idea that up to two-thirds of people going to four-year colleges out of high school should be doing something else, this book examines salary differences between white-collar and blue-collar work that doesn’t require debt, examines payscale rankings from various institutions, looks at the supposed value of education from faculty who skew as politically-liberal, and encourages gaining non-collegiate skills that will benefit firms and businesses. Advocating apprenticeships, hybrids, and trade schools, online education, and the benefits of some smaller Christian schools such as Patrick Henry and New Saint Andrews College, this book provides a conservative path towards higher education and reasonable debt for today’s economy. 278 pages, hardcover with dust jacket.

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