The Wesleys

Two Men Who Changed The World

In this most comprehensive biography of John and Charles Wesley to date, best-selling author, Julian Wilson describes in vivid detail the brothers’ triumphs and failures, their conversion to true Christianity, their differing characters, their relationships with women, their prison outreach, their uncompromising preaching even when faced with death or serious injury, the growth of the Methodist movement and in John’s case, his supernatural ministry, his work as a physician, his involvement in the abolition of slavery and his educational and social welfare initiatives.

John and Charles Wesley may have lived in the eighteenth century, but their message and their ministry are as vital and relevant today as they were more than two hundred years ago.

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When John Wesley felt his heart strangely warmed one night in 1738, one of the great revival movements in Christianity began, and continues to resound powerfully into the present day. The story of John and Charles Wesley, their spiritual awakening and their careers as preachers, teachers and writers of extraordinary energy, is one that needs to be told anew for every generation. I am sure many will be inspired by Julian Wilson’s lively and timely biography. –Tim Costello – CEO World Vision Australia

Fired by the desire to rectify and restore their nation and preach the message of grace, the two brothers set out to change the prevailing spiritual climate. And, indeed, their combined ministry did change and revive the entire nation, arguably setting in place the seeds of a worldwide revival. In truth we live in very similar days now in this 21st century. There is much we could learn from John and Charles, and Julian Wilson’s extensively researched and wonderfully told story of the Wesleys may be the clarion call to today’s Church to once again reach the common man and change our nations with the Gospel. –Robin Mark – singer, songwriter, worship leader

About the Author

Julian Wilson has worked as an editor and writer for nearly thirty years. He is the author of Complete Surrender, a biography of the Olympic gold medallist and missionary, Eric Liddell and Wigglesworth, a biography of the British apostle and evangelist, Smith Wigglesworth. He spent 15 years living in Asia, but now resides in Australia with his wife and daughter.

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