Heroes of Courage

The dark eyes of the creature stared directly into mine as it swam past me a second time. Terror filled me as I realized we were about to become better acquainted. The trip into the storm at the edge ofthe world was bad enough, but then the ship’s crew threw me overboard. For them the storm ceased immediately, but my storm would continue. As the creature’s mouth erupted from the frothy waves and closed over my body, no one heard my screams.– Excerpt from A Whale of a StoryIn this collection of short stories, real Biblical characters like Jonah, Jehoiada the priest, the servant girl of a leper, and others are revealed through fictional true-to-life scenarios. The world may have its heroes, but the Sovereign Creator chose these people for a specific purpose, and allfor His glory.These people are heroes because of their courage, faith, and hope in God alone. Join me, as we go back in time, and experience the adventures of these Biblical heroes who served a mighty God.


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