A Praying Church

“One of the greatest debilitating factors in current Christianity is the disappearance of the Prayer Meeting. A Praying Church: The Neglected Blessing of Corporate Prayer will hopefully encourage pastors, individual Christians, and churches to rethink the issue and give themselves to a recovery of the great prayer engine which has energized the church since the First Century.” — (Larry W. Dean, Pastor, Bridgetown Baptist Church, Nesbit, Mississippi)

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A Praying Church: The Neglected Blessing of Corporate Prayer. Prayer is the great engine of the church, but the regular prayer meeting is often sparsely attended. Transform the prayer meeting from boring to bursting with participation! Dennis Gunderson equips pastors and prayer leaders with ways to plan and conduct prayer meetings that are engaging, interesting, and even compelling. Church members can sense great significance taking place when congregational prayer meetings have direction and intention to the important topics of prayer. Many practical helps include how to conduct a prayer meeting (Chapter 3), subject areas of focus for prayer meetings (Chapter 4), and 30 biblical devotional talks that inspire and encourage the privilege and power of prayer to be used at the start of prayer meetings.

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