J.I. Packer Bundle ($34.00 value – $14.95)

Two great books from J.I. Packer, one of the greatest theologians of the past 80 years! Learn to know the Bible (and God) better!


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J.I. Packer Bundle

Engaging the Written Word of God ($17.00)

by J. I. Packer
One of the most important theologians of the modern era, J. I. Packer sets out his beliefs about the authority of Scripture and the principles that should be applied when interpreting it. He addresses important topics such as responding to present-day views of Scripture, upholding the unity of the Bible, and addressing challenges in biblical interpretation. Pastrol leaders and those looking to engage more deeply with God’s Word will appreciate the writings of this man whose practical wisdom and shrewd observations reinforce his significance in Christian thought and apologetics. (331 pages)

Revelations of the Cross ($17.00)

by J. I. Packer
In this collection of writings from one of the most well-known theologians of the modern era, Packer strongly defends Trinitarian theology and the uniqueness of Jesus Christ against contemporary challenges. In so doing, he deals with theological issues such as atonement, justification and universalism. He calls for believers to be serious about the Holy Spirit, and his articles on this topic are valuable examples of how to apply theological beliefs to controversial issues within the church.

The articles range from short devotional pieces published in church-sponsored journals, to opinion articles for popular journals like Christianity Today, to major articles for scholarly journals. (240 pages)

1. The Trinity and the Gospel
2. On Covenant Theology
3. Jesus Christ the Lord
4. Jesus Christ: the Only Saviour
5. The Lamb Upon His Throne
6. A Modern View of Jesus
7. The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ
8. What Did the Cross Achieve?
9. Sacrifice and Satisfaction
10. Justification: Introductory Essay
11. The Love of God: Universal and Particular
12. Good Pagans and God’s Kingdom
13. The Problem of Universalism Today
14. Evangelicals and the Way of Salvation
15. An Agenda for Theology
16. Shy Sovereign
17. On Being Serious About the Holy Spirit
18. The Spirit and His Work

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