In Jesus’ Name I Pray

This simple story teaches children the biblical model for praying in Jesus’ name and not for their own wants. Kids can take comfort that God hears and answers their prayers when they ask for the things that are important to Him and His Kingdom.

Someone told TJ the squirrel that he could ask for anything in Jesus’ name and it would happen.

All the nuts in the entire forest? Done.
Never to have to work hard again? Sure, no problem.
To have a big tree house? Why not?

All TJ needs to do is ask for anything he wants and make sure to say the magic words, “In Jesus’s name.” After all, isn’t that how prayer works?

Help your child develop a lifelong habit of effective, biblical prayer.


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In Jesus’ Name I Pray: TJ the Squirrel Learns the True Heart of Prayer by Costi & Christine Hinn, TJ the Squirrel heard that he could ask for anything in Jesus’ name and it would happen. When TJ starts asking for everything he could think of_all the nuts in the forest, a giant treehouse and no more hard work_TJ wonders why it isn’t working. This is a sweet story that delivers an important message. Hardcover, 32 pages. Recommended for ages 4 years and older.

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