Anyone Can Homeschool

Moms and dads, you have all that it takes to educate your children, whether your circumstances are ideal or not. Nicki Truesdell, blogger, mother of 5, and second-generation homeschooler, shares her stories of home education through many ups and downs, and how she learned to adapt to every situation.

In this book you will hear from real people who are doing it, even in the most difficult of circumstances: single parents, grandparents, families with chronic illness, children with special needs, working parents, and many other situations.
This book is the product of many discussions, both in real life and online, where frustrated and desperate parents expressed a desire to find an alternative to the public schools. Like so many, they automatically assumed that homeschooling was only for those families who had neatly organized lives, complete with a large income, a school room in their house, a college degree, and obedient children.

A must-read for every parent who is desperate for an education solution.


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I’ve spent many years telling my readers how important it is to educate their children at home. But there are so many parents who don’t see a way with their current circumstances. Whether it’s a single mom, or both parents work, or a child with special needs, or something else, so many moms and dads are trying to find an alternative to public school but they
just feel trapped. 

I have homeschooled through so many of these circumstances and I want everyone to know that it’s possible. That’s where the title of this book came from. I wholeheartedly believe ANYONE can do this.

Part One of this book starts by explaining that homeschooling is not like public school. It’s very individual and flexible. That’s the most important part to understand.

Next, several chapters are devoted to real-life situations. I’ve explained how I homeschooled in difficult circumstances and have also interviewed other homeschool parents to get their stories and tips.

Part Two gets down to the details of homeschooling: state laws, withdrawal from public school, choosing curriculum, dealing with the hard days, and more.

This book is for everyone who needs an alternative to public or private school. It’s not too late to begin homeschooling! Let me show you how!

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