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“I’ve loved watching your family, and I’ve loved hearing your heart for creating a climate in the home where Christ is honored and where children can grow to know the Lord and to love Him. You’ve been involved in that kind of family ministry for years. I love that your writing and your teaching are so grounded in the Word, grounded in truth—because that’s our anchor, that’s our standard, that’s our plumb line. But you also illustrate so beautifully out of your own journey, out of your own walk…This family has become sweet friends of mine over the last several years. They live not too far from our ministry headquarters. We attend the same church. The Lord has been sweet to let us just enjoy some mutual encouragement. We’re all involved in speaking and writing and have public lives and ministries, but it’s a sweet thing to have friends behind the scenes who are iron sharpening iron. I’ve watched you parenting. I’ve watched you in your processing of family challenges, and we’ve shared some of those together over the last several years. Just as we’re learning and growing, it’s a sweet thing to have this relationship with you behind the scenes.” — Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth,
Founder of Revive Our Hearts (April 17-18, 2017 broadcasts, “Revive Our Hearts”)

“Israel is the perfect mix of warrior and poet. He has an amazing mind for truth and apologetics and yet that uncanny knack for making everyone around him feel important and valued. He is courageous enough to stand ‘Athanasius contramundum’ when it comes to Truth and yet he will quickly bend his knee to serve the lowest and the least when it comes to practical living. I feel strongly that Israel will be one of the chief change-agents in the radical reformation of the Church over the next fifty years.” September 8, 2008
Eric Ludy
Author, Conference Speaker, co-founder of Ellerslie Study Center

“My friend Israel Wayne has a rare combination of eloquence and practical wisdom.”
Michael Farris 
Author, founder of Patrick Henry College and HSLDA
President, CEO, and General Counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom

“Israel Wayne is a fresh young voice with a timeless biblical message.”
Byron Paulus
Executive Director, Life Action Ministries

“Three Israel’s are special to me. The nation that God calls the apple of his eye, one of my youngest grandsons, and this man. He’s a fair bit younger than me and I’ve known him for a long time. But this dude is one of those men–a gentle and humble dad and leader–who grows on my “respect scale” the longer I watch him.”
Dale Mason
Author, Publisher, 10-Minute Bible Journey

“Gail and I have watched you grow as a Christian leader on behalf of Christ-centered home education these recent years. Your book has been a blessing too. We watch with joy to see the many young couples who are coming along behind us in the leadership of the Christian home school movement as many of the older couples look to pass the baton to the next generation of leaders. Your family has done much to encourage and fortify many 10,000’s of Christian families over the years.”
Chaplain E. Ray Moore(Lt. Col.) USAR Ret.
President, Frontline Ministries / Exodus Mandate

“We highly recommend Israel’s ministry to you. We have known Israel for many years now and he, along with his talented wife and staff, are top notch people and love God with a passion. You won’t be sorry for your investment in the resources he provides!”  
Terry & Barbi Franklin
Founders of Love Sings Ministries

“Israel Wayne is a remarkable example of how ministry and mission can meld into an integrated whole. Israel lives out his beliefs in his work and not only inspires others to do the same, but provides a tangible example to follow.”
Steve Spillman
Publisher, True Potential Media

“Everyone is aware that our country is in a deep crisis. Our government is stumbling over how to solve the economic meltdown; our churches our struggling over how to restore righteousness in our land and school leaders are dismayed at the exceedingly poor level of education being provided to youth. What is the answer? Enter Israel Wayne and his mission at Family Renewal. Until we learn how to once again be a self-governing people, particularly with parents taking full responsibility for the education of their children, we will continue to flounder. Better than anyone else I know, Israel leads an initiative to restore the home and restore education. It is my pleasure, and privilege, to recommend Israel’s work to everyone.” 
Dan Smithwick
President, Nehemiah Institute

“Israel is a man of integrity with an important message — delivered in a humble, yet powerful way.”
William Wagner
President & CEO, Salt & Light Global

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