General Christian Topics

From the book, Questions God Asks (from the Old Testament):

  1. Where Were You? (Origins — Job)
  2. Where Are You? (Omnipresence — Adam and Eve)
  3. Who Told You? (Epistemology — Adam)
  4. Where Is Your Brother? (Relationships — Cain)
  5. Why Are You Angry? (Anger — Cain)
  6. Where Is Your Wife? (Marriage — Abraham)
  7. Is Anything Too Difficult for the Lord? (Faith — Abraham and Sarah)
  8. What Is Your Name? (Honesty — Jacob)
  9. What Is in Your Hand? (Service — Moses)
  10. Who Made Your Mouth? (Evangelism — Moses)
  11. Why Are You on Your Face? (Repentance — Joshua)
  12. Who Are These Men with You? (Syncretism — Balaam)
  13. Why Do You Honor Your Sons More than Me? (Parenting — Eli)
  14. Where Is the House You Will Build for Me? (Worship — David)
  15. What Are You Doing Here? (Purpose — Elijah)
  16. Who Should We Send? Who Will Go for Us? (Missions — Isaiah)
  17. Do You Have a Right to be Angry? (Sovereignty — Jonah)
  18. Is My Hand Too Short? (Omnipotence — Hezekiah)
  19. Constant Change (Sanctification)

From the book, Questions Jesus Asks (from the New Testament):

1. Who Do People Say That I Am? (Christology)
2. Didn’t You Know? (Virgin Birth)
3. Who Are My Mother and Brothers? (Family)
4. What Are You Seeking? (Discipleship)
5. What Will It Profit a Man? (Money)
6. Who Touched Me? (Healing)
7. Do You Want to Get Well? (Counseling)
8. Why Are You Afraid? (Fear)
9. What Is Your Name? (Demonology)
10. What Were You Arguing About? (Servanthood)
11. Whose Image Is This? (Government)
12. Has No One Condemned You? (Forgiveness)
13. Are You Not in Error? (Apologetics)
14. Why Do You Call Me Lord? (Lordship)
15. Are You Still Sleeping? (Prayer)
16. Why Have You Forsaken Me? (Suffering)
17. Do You Love Me? (Love)
18. Why Do You Persecute Me? (Persecution)
19. How Are You to Escape from Hell? (Hell)
20. Do You Believe This? (Resurrection)

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