2022 Wayne Family Update

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Dear friends,

We have not posted an update on our family for a long time. The main reason is that life has been crazy. To quickly recap, in March 2020, just as the COVID situation was ramping up around the world, our 8-yr-old daughter stopped walking. Two years before she had a swollen right knee but the hospital emergency room couldn’t find any cause. She would have occasional knee pain for the next two years, but specialists couldn’t find a reason. We now know it was Lyme Disease. She was not diagnosed with Lyme until March of 2020 when we insisted that the doctors test for it (they were very dismissive of our suggestion to test and said they thought it was all in her head and she was making up stories about having pain). Lovely, I know.

They put her on antibiotics when within a week she completely lost the use of her limbs, and became so sick we thought we might lose her. For about 6-10 months she was unable to walk, dress herself, use the bathroom on her own, or even feed herself with a spoon. She had to be carried everywhere or strapped into a wheelchair so she wouldn’t fall out. Thankfully, we were able to find both an effective herbal treatment recommended by Johns Hopkins Medical Center and a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) who helped our daughter recover. After a recent bout with COVID a few months back, this daughter has had some Lyme flare-ups (Costochondritis — pain in the rib cage — being the main one), but other than that she is now basically symptom free. Praise the Lord!

We had two other children who were bitten by deer ticks in 2020 and diagnosed with Lyme but they were successfully treated with antibiotics. There is a big difference between treating a recent bite and treating someone who has had Lyme bacteria infiltrated through their entire system for years. Both children are both doing great now.

When our 8-yr-old daughter finally had a diagnosis it inspired us to test our then 18-year-old daughter to see if Lyme could be a root cause of the chronic fatigue, chronic stomach pain and other issues she has battled since she was 12. Sure enough, she also had Lyme. She was on the same protocol as her sister, but did not show any positive response to the treatment. Our doctor said when someone is treated for Lyme and does not recover they begin to suspect mold and/or mycotoxin poisoning. When tested she had two forms of mold and two of mycotoxins. The doctors then said they needed us to think environmentally and check our house for contamination. We did and found that our house had mold infestation in our crawl space that we didn’t know about. It had rotted the main supporting beam and all the floor joists on the lower level, infected nearly all the subfloors on the lower level and was in many of the walls behind the drywall. Our house was essentially caving in and we didn’t realize it! Our house insurance had a $2,500 cap for mold issues and we had a $2,500 deductible, so no help there.

In order to properly remediate, we needed to evacuate the house, so finally in late August of 2021 we found a house about 45 minutes away that was mold free and made an offer on it (we looked at 7-8 in our county that all had visible mold on a walk-through!), so finding something adequate was not easy, especially for a family our size. While it is obviously a seller’s market for real estate and we didn’t want move, we couldn’t stay in the house if we wanted to remediate and get our family healthy. So we have moved and are currently in the process of gutting the old house and remediating it professionally so it can be sold. It is very expensive to do the process correctly so the mold is completely eradicated, but we are committed to the process.

Our oldest daughter (the one with all the health problems who is now 20) is actually scheduled to have a major jaw surgery tomorrow. Her lower jaw does not match her upper jaw (it is recessed) and the doctors feel she may not able to chew her food properly (and thus digest properly) and it may be contributing to her ongoing stomach pain. The surgery will cut the lower jaw on both sides, move it forward into the correct position, and then be secured with metal plates and screws. We’ve watched some videos on it and it sounds like the pain is off the charts and you can’t begin eating solid foods for about a month. This is concerning because she is already very thin from being so sick for so long. We would appreciate your prayers. The doctors say it is genetic and regressive, so it will keep getting worse over time if they don’t operate now. The total cost is a little over $30,000 (it was $38,000, but they are giving us some self-pay and prepayment discounts!) and Samaritan Ministries has agreed to cover it since it is not dental, but is actually structural and not merely cosmetic. So that is a huge blessing! We have been so pleased with them (they have been wonderful!) and we would encourage you to mention our family if you sign up as members as we can actually get a reduction on our monthly share if you do so. Please pray for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery for our daughter from this painful and difficult surgery.

I (Israel) am in the process of writing a Bible doctrine/theology curriculum for Master Books that will be released this year (2022) and I’m almost done! We are so excited about it. It will be for 7-12 grade, but I think adults will benefit from it as well.

Our family was tremendously blessed in 2021 by prayer support and donations from so many friends across the world, and especially to our friend, Michael Farris who felt compelled to call for a day of prayer online and start a go-fund-me account for our family. That money helped us to be able to remediate our old house to sell, cover any remaining medical expenses, replace the transmission in our van, replace about four appliances that all died at once, repair our roof when the tree fell on it (it was about $2,500, so again below the insurance deductible) and a bunch of other needs for our family.

We are doing well right now so we are NOT requesting any personal donations at this time. We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who gave and/or prayed for us. God has been very merciful to us.

On the ministry front, we have a lot of new ideas for writing projects and are looking forward to getting back out on the road for events. Many events have closed indefinitely and attendance has been at 50-70% LESS capacity than normal at most of venues (at least in 2021) so we’ll see how things stack out for the new year. Here is a partial list of some of the events where we are scheduled to speak, including the D6 Conference church leader event in Orlando, FL, the Marriage & Family Life (MFL) conference hosted by the American Family Association (AFA) in Tupelo, MS, a Biblical worldview event in Boise, ID; two mega-homeschool events with Answers in Genesis at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY and the ARK Encounter in Williamstown, KY; state conferences in PA, CA, AZ, CO and WI ;as well as Teach Them Diligently events in TX and TN. Learn more here: www.FamilyRenewal.org/events

For those who believe in the work we are doing through Family Renewal, LLC, and would like to see our reach expanded, we have started a kind of “Patreon” type program where people can join with us as monthly partners and get great unique perks for their participation. Check that out here: https://familyrenewal.org/support-family-renewal/

Free resource: I have written an uncompleted document on some of what we have learned about treating Lyme Disease. Feel free to share this with any friends who might benefit: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mWwlsqVL6rq5BA75ZrnmZvHKgm3Z1ScnL4E3humfhWg/edit?usp=sharing

We can’t begin to say how grateful we are for all of you who have encouraged and stood with our family over the past two years. We look forward to, Lord willing, resuming a more normal and stable existence in 2022!

God bless,

Israel Wayne
Family Renewal, LLC



  1. Kindra

    Prayers for your family. A good friend of mine had the jaw surgery when we were younger. She drank smoothies for a while, if I remember correctly. Bless you for being such diligent parents. And amazing advocates.

  2. Jackie R. Paez

    Dear brother Israel, It is a very blessing to see your family! You all look so happy! I have learned to recognice what is behind a child smile. Congratulation! This is a wonderful ministry. May God bless you all more and more.

    • Carissa McClain

      Israel, I’ve followed you ever since I heard you on the Hamilton Corner. When my husband and I met you at MLF 2021, I had no clue the challenges your family were facing. You continue to be such a source of encouragement for us. I’m grateful to God for the example your family represents. I will continue to follow and find ways to be helpful rather financially or prayerfully. Looking forward to meeting with you again and hearing more praise reports in 2022. Hallelujah!

  3. Debbie Smith

    I was so sad and surprised to hear about your 8 year old daughter’s experience with Lyme. Back in 2012, our oldest daughter, then 13, came home from camp with a swollen knee. I immediately took her to the doctor who took one look and said we’ll do a test for Lyme, but was 99.9% sure it was Lyme and put her on antibiotics for 30 days. The test did end up positive for Lyme, and within a week she could not walk so was on crutches for 5 weeks. She recovered completely and has had little to no problems since. I’m thankful that your daughter recovered well, but based on our experience, it seems like you shouldn’t have had to go through all you did with her.

  4. Scott LaPierre

    Israel, Brooke, and Family,
    I was glad to see this update. I know all of you have been through so much. We are thankful for your faithful service to our Lord in the wonderful ministry you have in particular to homeschooling families. God bless all of you and please keep the updates coming!

  5. Steve & Beth Hill

    Dear Israel and Brook,
    Thank you for sharing how God has shown Himself to be faithful, working through so many trials on your family’s behalf over these last two trying years. We join you in praising Him that all of your children are healthy again and that you will be speaking again in many conferences and conventions around the country. We hope to see you and your family in good health in Kentucky in May. We are praying now for your daughter’s surgery tomorrow and the Lord’s will for a miraculous recovery.
    Yours in Christ,

  6. Joseph Kessinger

    Thanks so much for sharing Israel, we love your family, and Pray that 2022 will be an awesome year for you all. Sorry we missed seeing you all when you spoke at CCNB a while back, we were disappointed we missed you and your family. Katelyn, Jonny, and Christina say hi also. Your Brother, Joseph

  7. Lorie

    We’re praying for you all! Thank you for sharing your experiences and the Lyme resources. It’s so important, as you’ve noted, to get early diagnosis and adequate treatment.

  8. Roelf Kars Janssen

    Thank you for the update! We are praying for your family! Got bless you brother!

    • Tracy

      In 2001, I had a similar surgery as your daughter. I was 18. Instead, the top of my jaw was cut at a slant, front to back on both sides, and wired shut for 6w. I have crazy looking hardware on x-rays. It was very painful but it had to be done. Stay on top of pain medication and have a plan for liquid nourishment. We did not, and it took some time to adjust. I had facial swelling for almost 10 months, which I was warned about prior, and ppl did not recognize me afterward because the surgery and swelling affected my facial features so much. The beginning of my issue was a posterior tongue tie that was not released. Please reach out if I can help. I pray her surgery is successful and her recovery is quick.

  9. Jen Brown

    Thank you for the update! Would you consider creating and sharing an Amazon wishlist for your family, and perhaps for your daughter who is about to have surgery? I’m sure my family isn’t the only one who would like to bless your family this way.

  10. Tracie Durham

    Prayers for your daughter as she recovers from her surgery. Our 18 year old had major jaw surgery this summer with two more smaller procedures to come this spring. May God bring your sweet daughter full healing, and caring hands in the medical staff who will care for her.

    I learned how to make a seriously dense calorie rich smoothie while our daughter recovered. Pinterest is your friend on that front. Lots of good ideas!

  11. Karin Litchfield

    Amazing story of perseverance and God’s grace. Thank you for sharing.
    Beautiful family! Praying for you all.

  12. Bethany

    Praying for your daughter. Blessings to you all in this new year!

  13. JoAnn Kunstmann

    Praise the LORD! Great is His faithfulness!!! Wonderful testimony!!!

  14. Amanda Lasley


    I’m so glad to hear everyone is recovering and a hard season of life is left behind. I’m so looking forward to your master books curriculum on Bible doctrine and theology. I’ll definitely be looking for that for my upcoming teenagers. You have blessed my family I’m so many ways they are hard to count! I love to see that your family healthy, happy, thriving, and preparing for the next seasons ahead. I pray for provision, blessings, answered prayers, and for The Lord to continue to be the center of everything and growing the kingdom of heaven be the focal point. I’m praying for the ministry to reach every family that needs encouragement and a fresh revelation on family focus. Also, if you can squeeze a conference in around the Louisville, KY area we wouldn’t mind a bit!!
    Blessing and encouragement to you and your precious family!

  15. Ryan Muniak

    Great to hear how God has answered prayer! Continuing to pray for y’all. Maybe we could all have a meal together when you visit KY. God bless.

  16. Mama Bear

    I understand everything your daughter went through with LD. I have walked that journey too. After 28 doctors, 4 yrs, and numerous hospitalizations, a naturopath diagnosed me and referred me to a LLMD. That was 11 years ago. There must be a ‘script’ doctors tell patients because I too was told I was making it up, it was all in my head, and was attention-seeking. I have been able to share my story with many people and help them receive the correct treatment in a timely way. Having LD is a huge part of my testimony because of the mercy and goodness God showed me and my family in all areas. I still have residual effects from damage the bacteria did so I still see my LLMD annually. My daughter was 2 years old when I became sick. I was unable to care for her by myself for 3 years. I grieve those years I lost with her. In God’s timing, I was finally able to sit and begin to teach her to read. My heart’s desire was always to homeschool and I am so thankful He has allowed me that privilege. Only 2 years left in our homeschooling journey and I would not trade a day of it. Thank you for sharing your story. I praise God for the healing and financial provisions God has provided. I pray God will your daughter’s story to tell others the truth of LD and the truth of our merciful God. Blessings to you all!

  17. Mark and Kelly Cox

    We will continue to pray for your family and specifically the jaw surgery and recovery afterwards. Thank you for sharing some of your family’s story with us, and know that God is being glorified in all of it. The Cox family- Indiana

  18. Sarah

    I appreciate your ministry so much. After listening to your “History of Homeschooling message” (such an eye-opener!), I shared it with my two oldest sons. My 17 yr old, Israel, told me “I will be homeschooling my kids.” Thank you so much!


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